Almost 20 years ago, I sat down behind a Sun SPARCstation 10 and stared dumbly at a UNIX console for the first time.

Since then, I have worked in research, investing, and analytics, but through it all, computer code has played a major role. In addition, I have benefited significantly from open-source software and “open-source knowledge.” This blog is an attempt to pass on my experience and knowledge, in homage to all open-sourcers. Most posts will cover:

      1. Machine learning: This is a fascinating field. The textbook definition is “teaching a new task to a machine that is not explicitly programmed.” A funny but significant application is when Google’s massive artificial brain taught itself to recognize cats by watching YouTube videos. Today, machine learning powers a myriad of  applications. I hope to detail some of my work in this blog.
      2. Big data analytics: We are increasingly generating vast amounts of data. Unlocking actionable insights from this data requires new analytical techniques.
      3. Algorithmic/quantitative trading: I started investing at the Nairobi Securities Exchange in 2006. Currently, I am an investment agent, providing investing services to clients. I write and test trading algorithms for my personal use. Although machine learning underpins some quantitative trading strategies, it can lead to complex algorithms.

Charles Mutiso is the principal at Mwamba Analytics. Feel free to contact him with any questions or inquiries regarding machine learning and big data analytics. Also, please sign up to be notified of new posts.