Blockchain and bitcoin

Bitcoin and blockchains

Bitcoin and blockchains are exciting, disruptive technologies. After watching this two-part demonstration, you will have a better understanding of the history, present state, and potential applications of these technologies. In the first video, we delve into blockchains. This technology underpins all cryptocurrencies, but also has applications in many other areas. Now that we have a […]

Data driven decisions

Custom software systems

Data-driven decisions maximize your company’s profits. At Mwamba, we develop custom software systems which capture data from essential business units like procurement, production, sales, and marketing. Furthermore, analysis and critical visualization of this data enables you to make data-driven decisions. As the old adage says, “you can’t improve what you don’t measure.” As a manager […]

big data processing

Taking the “big” out of “big data”

  Currently, the term “big data” is tossed around with increasing frequency. Pundits present big data as a pressing problem in analytics, the solving of which is critical to increased profitability. But what is big data? From an analytics perspective, the term “big data” is relative. One analyst’s big data is another analyst’s data. Let’s […]

Machine learning for targeted marketing.

Targeted marketing

Targeted marketing differentiates product offerings based on different segments of your market. The days of a one-size-fits-all marketing approach are gone, and increasingly, it is necessary to segment your customer base. Doing so provides insights into spending habits, and identifies high yield segments. A seller can then better tailor their advertising, marketing, and sales activities, […]

social media analysis

Social media analysis

Social media analysis is necessary for any company with an online presence. Extraction of actionable insights from social streams leads to superior branding, better messaging, and increased revenue. Because of our demonstrated capabilities, we were short-listed to manage the social media strategy for a presidential candidate in the 2017 elections in Kenya. Social media analysis […]

Satellite imagery analysis using machine learning algorithms.

Satellite imagery analysis

Satellite imagery analysis by machine learning algorithms can monitor land use and the management of natural resources. Novel applications in the financial sector include predicting crop yields in order to price crop futures. The figure below illustrates a land use application. We train a deep neural network to detect the presence of buildings in satellite […]

Facial detection using machine learning

Face, emotion and object detection

This app uses machine learning to perform facial detection, emotion detection, and object detection. If performing facial analysis, it will try to determine the gender, age and emotions of┬ápeople in a selfie. When performing object detection, the app will attempt to classify the objects in a picture. Face 1: Male [99.9% confidence], smile: Yes [98.5%], […]

Quantitative trading at the Nairobi Securities Exchange (NSE)

Quantitative Trading

We backtest quantitative trading strategies using more than ten years of market data from the Nairobi Securities Exchange. Machine learning extends traditional trading strategies due to the large amounts of data involved. Please see examples of our quantitative trading strategies on this page. Feel free to get in touch about quantitative trading, backtesting, or simply […]

Your machine learning solutions

Your solution

What data analysis challenge are you facing? Let’s start a conversation about your machine learning solutions.