Social media analysis

Social media analysis is necessary for any company with an online presence. Extraction of actionable insights from social streams leads to superior branding, better messaging, and increased revenue. Because of our demonstrated capabilities, we were short-listed to manage the social media strategy for a presidential candidate in the 2017 elections in Kenya.

Social media analysis can:

  • exponentially increase your online reach, influence, and impact
  • provide insights on how to achieve business goals
  • explore the sentiment of your online followers
  • protect against online threats like trolling and cyberbullying

Twitter analysis is an invaluable part of social media marketing strategy. Read our blog post for further details.

Machine learning is well-suited to analyzing the vast amounts of social data. We design customized social media strategies and are also certified in “off-the-shelf” systems like Google Analytics.

Social media analytics

Google analytics provides advanced metrics about your audience, including, but not limited to:

  • acquisition sources, e.g email, search engines, social media posts
  • session information like duration of visits, ranking of popular content, etc.
  • demographics
  • location
  • interests

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